The application for these scholarships will be available each February.

Annelie Johnson Memorial Scholarship:

Annelie Johnson was a beloved science teacher at Mount Logan Middle School .  This scholarship is awarded to a student considering a career in science education.  The student also must demonstrate academic achievement, community service and need.

Lee and Barbara Hales Scholarship:

This scholarship is made possible by a donation from the family of two wonderful friends of the Logan Schools Foundation; Lee and Barbara Hales.  This scholarship is awarded to a student who has shown the ability to work hard, be involved, and has financial need.  The awardee must attend Utah State University.

Nelson family Scholarship:

The Nelson Family including father Keith, and sons, Riley, DJ, and Chase Nelson have had a positive and longline impact on the Logan High Football program.  With the help of donors, they have established a scholarship to provide assistance to inspire and help a graduating Logan High Football student athlete who has lettered in football to further higher education aspirations.

Pepperidge Farms Scholarship:

This scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in Math, Science, Engineering or Business or pursuing a technical certification from an accredited technical school.  This student strives for leadership opportunities. The recipient is required to have a relative that works at Pepperidge Farms.

Regina Flammer Fairbourn Memorial Scholarship:

This scholarship honors Regina Flammer Fairbourn who was a
member of the class of 1958. This scholarship is awarded to a student considering a career in
music, business education or education. The student should demonstrate service to the

Robert and Terri Harris Scholarship:

In 1998, the Robert and Terri Harris Scholarship Endowment was created with an original gift from the Harris’. Because of this endowment, many students have been able to continue their education. This scholarship is awarded to a student with financial need – someone who would have difficulty pursuing their education without this financial assistance.  Recipients must also demonstrate unusual aptitude, ability, and/or interest in their chosen field of study, and they must have a history of service-oriented activities.

Ronald S. Peterson Scholarship:

This scholarship was established in 2003 in honor of Dr. Ronald Peterson, who was a clinical psychologist and served on the Logan School Board for 29 years. This scholarship is awarded to a student with high achievement and aptitude, financial need, and who is attending Utah State University to study a “helping” profession, i.e., education, counseling, family life, etc.

Rulon olsen Scholarship:

Rulon Olsen was a former principal at Logan High School.  This scholarship is awarded to a first generation college student with strong academic aptitude and financial need.